Electronic component rework: 5 benefits


Many companies view equipment repairs as a hassle. But in fact, timely inspection and alteration of equipment can save your money and nerves and also the most precious — your time.

We have found 5 main advantages of electronic components rework:

  1. Saving money

Sometimes minor fixes can prolong the life of your equipment for several years until you can afford replacements.

  1. Time management

Repairing equipment seems time-consuming. But do you know what takes even longer? Hardware installation, software updates and related parts. Therefore, it is much more profitable to spend a few minutes or hours on repairs than to slow down production for months.

  1. Saving energy

New equipment may look simple and straightforward, but as practice shows, they take effort to implement. Personnel retraining not only takes time but can also cause mistakes and financial losses at first.

  1. Reasonable consumption

The “replace instead of repair” approach is a way to increase the amount of waste. Due to the use of primitive technologies during the processing of waste, water, soil, and food can be exposed to hazardous materials: chromium, lead, or cadmium.

Of course, repairs only delay the inevitable, but they help reduce the burden on waste management systems and the environment.

  1. Making it easier for yourself

Self-repair of equipment is full responsibility for the quality of work. Therefore, if you are not sure of your competence in the repair of electronic components, it is always better to seek help from professionals. And pass the responsibility to them.

ABC Assembly offers innovative solutions for nearly every kind of electronic rework. We have over 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing, prototyping, and more. A wide range of technological capabilities to support even the most demanding customers is our greatest strength.

Our capabilities: 

  • High Volume, Quick Turn BGA, PBGA, CBGA, CSP, LGA,
  • Rework & Inspection,
  • BGA, CCGA, CBGA, and Micro BGA Component Reballing,
  • Customized Component and Board Reflow Process Development,
  • Component underfill,
  • Mandatory baking and dry air environment,
  • Complete automation for repeatability,
  • IR monitoring of the temperature profile, and
  • PCB and traces repair.

Our experience and best practices enable rework and repair of components with high precision fitting and soldering technology for our customers.