Serving electronic needs through professionalism and agility


The electronics manufacturing industry in general and more specifically – services for clients with electronics needs may be among the most complicated tech areas in the modern world.

Yet, the team of ABC Assembly prides itself on two things first and foremost: our extensive expertise in all aspects of electronics manufacturing and our agile client support. With more than 20 years of experience in electronics design, manufacturing, prototyping and more, our wide spectrum of capabilities in supporting even the most complex clients is our biggest strength. For example, our veteran knowledge of the industry enables us to support our clients with high-level services like Wire Bonding, Flip Chip and BGA.

At present, our activities cover the widest variety of ECM services imaginable on the general market: design, layout, assembly, prototyping, manufacturing, wire-bonding, QA and much more. Calling back to our idea of agility in client service, our pride and joy is our lightning-quick approach: with 5 days of standard turn-around and 24-hour results on prototyping and estimates. We combine this with our long-term view of client service and constant availability to customers.

Furthermore, ABC Assembly’s extensive talent pool allows us to delve deep into each service direction, offering a comprehensive service-ecosystem. Our design experts work with a multitude of directions in Hardware (FPGA, DSP, Ethernet, Wireless, PCI – PCIe, RF, IoT), as well as a wide range of tools and languages in Software and Web. Our layout tool-kits include mechanical (AutoCAD, 3D Solidworks), electrical (OrCAD, PCAD, PADS) and others, including simulation tools. Our assembly capabilities cover a broad range from cable assembly, box builds and stencil-less jet solder printing to custom process development and complete system integration.  

And this barely scratches the surface of what we can do for our customers, as our state of the art equipment enables the most complicated laser-focused solutions to mass-production services.

We believe that the winning philosophy in Electronic Contract Manufacturing is a long-term one: strategically expand your pool of experts, manufacturing power and view your clients as long-haul partners that deserve extended support for their projects (and products). This has been our formula for success, as well as the skeleton key to fulfilling our customers’ needs for more than two decades. 

Join us as we expand the possibilities of electronics in the complexity of the digital age!